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Tangible Sensory

Mini Me

Keep in touch with your loved ones


Allwin(Concept, 3D, Interactions), Vidhya(Prototype, Video Simulation, Documentation), Sandhipana(Prototype, Doumentation)


Mamata N Rao, Unais Sait


3 weeks


Tangible User Interface

Mini Me is a concept for social communication through TUI (Tangible User Interface). The challenge that is focused on is people are separated by distance from their loved ones. They miss them and keeping in touch with them becomes difficult over time. In this project, we have explore physical interactions that would help us keep in touch with close family and friends. A need for keeping loved ones close even while physically away is there now more than ever. Basically, there will be figurines for each of your loved ones and also with the ability to form quick groups. It’s like photos of loved ones in office/home but they won’t allow us to contact and communicate. Sending voice messages, audio calls, seeing status, nudging are some of the key features of Mini Me.

Storyboarded scenarios for Mini Me use cases:

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