Hello there,

I'm Allwin Williams

I am an interaction designer who explores creative ways to convey broader visions through functional features that deliver value and fulfill contextual goals by leveraging a human-centered approach.

My interests lie at the intersection of experiences and interactions, both digital and tangible. My curiosity about human behavior towards others and technology, and semiotics of communication drive my work. I like to explore the internet💻, electronics🕹, music🎹, and the restaurant menu🥙.

A brief history of me

I was curious about computers from my school days and the internet felt like a magic. A fasination about how technology works led me towards an undergrad in Information Technology from Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Post which I got inclind towards impact and experiences of the digital solutions and pursued graduate degree in Interaction Design from National Institute of Design, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Currently as a product designer, I am experimenting, building and designing experiences for a digital-first credit card to helps starts-ups and digital businesses manage their spends with a new initiatives team at Razorpay, India’s highest valued fintech start-up.

I like watching crime thrillers while having a plate of biryani along with some flavoured soda, especially during rainy weather. I also like listening to AR Rahman, and playing the piano.

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