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Representation Exploration

Sentiments of Emojis

A real-time visualization and sonification of sentiments across the world using emojis from Twitter


Amit Kapoor


Javascript, D3.js, Adobe XD


2 weeks


Information Visualization

Emojis have recently evolved into a language to express and heavily used across social platforms for the same reason. In this project, I am trying to explore a way towards storytelling through real-time visualiation and sonification of emojis from Twitter. It is an iteractive exploration about storytelling with a collection of data. With the question of what does our emoji usage collectively say about us, he found an emoji live tracking data service. In order to understand this enormous data more effectively, I decided to build an emoji meter, which then further led me thinking about how best to tell a story. I extended this into a persona exploration where I have exported WhatAapp chat with a dear friend and visualised emoji usage.

I have given a talk about storytelling with data at Processing Community Day(PCD) India 2021. The work has also been featured at Emoji Timeline, an independent repository of everything emoji.

Link to live web page Link to Medium story

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