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Installation Sound

Sounds of action

Do you listen to the consequences of your actions?


Hitesh Chaurasia, Dishari Chakraborty


Android Studio, Python, Logic Pro X


2 weeks


Are you listening?

For an elective course on sounds, “Are You Listening?”, I came up with a concept to explore the theme of “Every action has a reaction. Are you listening to the consequences of your actions?”. The installation lets people hear(reaction) music generated based on their movements(action). During the exhibit, people were dancing together as their combined movements created a live piece of harmonic music. The highlight of the project is that I got to witness people experiencing magic because of something I created.

This project was showcased to a larger audience in “Lines of Inquiry 2020”, an annual design showcase at the university. This response encouraged me to explore the lines of novel interfaces to deliver impactful experiences.

Link to Medium story on the process

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